Selling Family Medals – Tips to add value

If you are considering selling family medals, especially for Probate or Estate sales, it is worth spending time trying to find relevant items to add value to your item.

How do you raise your family medals above similar medals already out there? Read on.

distinguished cross, gallantry medal, family group, ephemera, artefacts
A fine Gallantry medal group

We have our own collection and will pay good money to add to it and we have many collectors who are keen to buy items fresh to the market.

This featured group has an exceptional group of medal but in truth it is not a rare combination.

Distinguished Service Cross Medal Group
Distinguished Service Cross Medal Group

What makes this group special is the selection of photographs and paperwork that personalises the medals.

Royal Naval Dress Sword
Dress Sword

Artefacts and accoutrements are keenly sought – such as this Gentleman’s dress sword.

Original Royal Navy documents and report - these dockets are known as flimsies
Original Documents brings the collector closer to the medal recipient

Take the time to find artefacts, bits and pieces, photographs and relevant items to get the most out of your sale.

cap badges are always a super addition to a family medal lot.
Always popular are Cap Badges and other insignia

Call me, Jonathan Godwin, on 07765 595662 to discuss. We want to add quality items to our collection and have a network of collectors looking to us to fine items fresh to the market.

We will pay a premium to buy direct. You and other beneficiaries will get more selling to us. We will be able to provide invoices and certification if required for Probate purposes.

Don’t lose 25% to 35% going to auction – maximise value selling to us.

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call Jonathan direct on 07765 595662