Sell direct, don’t take to auction, we are here to help

Afghanistan Medal 1878, peiwar kotal clasp, charasia clasp, kandahar clasp, kabul clasp
A lovely 4 clasp Afghanistan Medal 1878

If you want to sell, please contact me directly to talk through what you have and get a good price. Typically, an auction will add in excess of 30% on to the sale price on sales commission, postage by courier and VAT, also you will pay a Vendor Commission and possibly a Lot Entry fee. – why not have that for yourself!

Defence of Chitral, India Medal 1895
Highly sought after Defence of Chitral India Medal 1895

Call me, Jonathan Godwin, on 07765 595662. Send photos to or use the form at the top of this site.

egypt medal, abu klea clasp, the nile clasp
A fine Egypt Medal with Abu Klea and The Nile clasps and Khedives Star pair.

We buy primarily for our own collection and we have a list of collectors, with broad interests, who we also work with. Call 07765 595662

Naval General Service Medal, Trafalgar clasp
A glorious Naval General Service Medal with Trafalgar clasp
China Medal 1842
The highly sought after China Medal 1842