Miniature medals – What have you got?

One of the finest groups ever seen, beautifully presented.

Otherwise known as dress medals these medals are highly decorative and we are actively looking for more groups to add to our collection.

Attributed to a high ranking Admiral with Victorian and Great War service.

These medals provide a fascinating research project for experienced researcher collectors.

Miniature medals can represent great and historic service

We have keen collectors who are looking for these wonderfully aesthetic groups.

Crimean War trio alongside a Victorian African campaign group.

Older Victorian groups, even as far back a the Crimean War, as shown on the left, are keenly sought – but beware modern replicas

They are often very hard to identify which is why they are sought after by experienced collectors

Whilst they will attract much interest they can be harder to sell and, though most importantly they are easier to undersell.

These groups can chart both the Military and Civilian careers of one individual

Trust who you deal with, we know our subject!

Not always just Military – this is a super Fireman’s group from Victorian times

Please send us photos of what you have and we will ensure you get the best and fairest price.

Not always identifiable to an individual, these are highly attractive collector pieces.

Miniatures offer an insight into history and social history without the enormous expense of the full sized medals.

Easier to store and quite simply, wonderful to display.

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