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Military Decorations


  • Exploit the maximum potential when selling  your military decorations by selling away from  the conventional  collectors market place.
  •  Our team know the strength of our city investors. We will provide you with the best offer. Be mindful of the fact that  auction houses now command exorbitant commissions with no guarantees of a successful outcome
  • Jonathan Godwin is our valuations appraiser . To receive our prompt attention and an informed offer/simply complete the form provided or call +44 7765 595662
  • We pay you directly 100% of our agreed offer for your military decorations . We research and deliver the correct offer with a scientific approach.

Militaria Decorations Dealers


Our  dealers are engaged in the buying and selling of many different military antiques. Primarily medals, and militaria decorations from the 19th and 20th Century period.

We have decades of experience in the business, We have, and continue to, supply a wealth of clients.

Clients who have experienced the advantages of relying on a group of dedicated professionals.

We have never advertised our services in the media yet we have developed a long steady business through word of mouth and through exhibiting at major militaria events.

Not all dealers in Military Decorations work to retain their reputation through ethical adhering to practises.

 The fast development of the Internet and new technologies  influence everyone. People who are not reliable at all, and who want to take the most profit from vendors are best avoided. Do not risk to be mislead. Medal Buyers will provide you with the best offer for your militaria decorations whatever their characteristics are.

Militariy Decorations Valuations


Military decorations usually hold a high values when the recipients were engaged in important issues and operations.

You probably will have obtained military decorations  as a result of family inheritance or from your old collecting hobby,  We have collectors and investors waiting so we can make immediate offers backed up by immediate settlement ..  By asking  for an offer/free valuation you will not be exposed to pressure from parties wishing to buy.Only if you are interested in selling your military decorations will further questions be asked ,,

Jonathan Godwin is the expert who is in charge of conducting the valuations. Our clients only have to fill out the available form and they will be answered in a brief period of time with a corresponding offer that can be totally and immediately paid with no delays and commissions percentages .

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Remember that we, as professional and trustworthy dealers, only acquire militaria decorations, medals or awards from advanced collectors, investment groups and museums. We believe military antiques’ negotiations should be done through ethical and responsible methods. For this purpose we would never haggle you your antiques, as we will not never provide you with a derisory offer.

Rely on us for giving a chance to your militaria decorations within this market. We are the only group which will pay you what your antiques really worth. Unlike auctions, we do not recharge with extra costs or commissions.

Contact us on 07765 595662 and you will realize how easy and profitable is selling your decorations, awards or any second world war figures.