Ghuznee Medal 1839


Very sought after and much wanted medal, it was the second medal issued, after the Waterloo Medal. Issued to both British Forces and those of the Honourable East India Company.

The medal was based on a design by John Luard, a British army officer and artist, and struck at the Calcutta Mint. It is silver and 37 millimetres (1.5 in) in diameter, with the following design –

Naming on a Ghuznee Medal 1839

The obverse depicts the fortress of Ghuznee with the word ‘GHUZNEE’ below.
The reverse has a mural crown surrounded by a laurel wreath and the date ’23d JULY 1839’.
The suspender is straight with a ring passing through a smaller loop soldered to the top of the medal.
The ribbon has two equal stripes of crimson and dark green. Originally the ribbon was to have been half green and half yellow.

This is a high value medal and we will pay more than other dealers. There are 3 types of this medal. 1) as issued to British Forces. 2) as issued to Indian troops and 3) issued unnamed,

This medal sell for as much as £1,000 and more in certain circumstances.

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