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 The Military Medal

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For Bravery In The Field

For Bravery In The Field 

We recognise that dealing with valuable historic militaria such as medals

“For bravery in the field”  can be a sensitive  matter especially when these are family pieces.

We offer the expertise of militaria and medal specialist Jonathan Godwin.

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The Military Medal MM For Bravery in The Field

Whether you are looking to sell a single item or an entire collection, we are always interested in buying your Bravery In The Field Medals.

We offer a simple commission free way of selling your German dagger and militaria for the  correct researched market value.for-distinguished-conduct-in-the-field

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Our clients are offered confidentiality and complete discretion, we strive to make the selling process as fast and easy as possible for our clients.

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I work with hundreds of collectors and investors worldwide, ensuring that you get the best price available on the market today.

We deal in all kinds of awards, decorations,and militaria items.

The purchase of Miltary Medals is direct from you at the full agreed price.

There is no hidden commission and you will receive the agreed sum immediately.I cover “Paypal” fees and insured postage costs.

If you have received offers from an other bidder or been given an auction estimate, you may wish to include these when you contact us .We will pay you this amount in full directly. Our prices when selling military medals are higher than average yet still competitive. we study the market.

Come to us with your Military medal and militaria and we deliver the best outcome for you.

The Reverse of The Military Medal (MM) bears the legend For Bravery In The Field was (until 1993)  awarded to personnel of the Army and other and other services  formerly also to personnel of other  countries of the commonwealth, below officer rank, for bravery in battle on land.

History of the For Bravery in The Feild medal the MM

The medal was instituted on 25 March 1916. It was the  equivalent to being the other ranks military  (MC), which was awarded to commissioned officers and, rarely, to warrent officers although WOs could also be awarded the MM. The MM ranked below the  (DCM) distinguished conduct medal, which was also awarded for bravery in the field  to non-commissioned members of the Army.

Recipients of the Military Medal are entitled to use the post nominals”MM”. Over 115,000 awards were made for actions during the First World War. Additionally, over 5,700 claps were awarded, as well as 180 second bars. There was one instance of a third bar for bravery in the field being awarded; this was made to Private Earnest Albert Corey who served as a stretcher bearer  in the Australian 55th infantary battalion which served on the Western front During the Second World War, over 15,000 awards of the MM were made. The decoration has occasionally been bestowed upon non British or Commonwealth subjects for bravery in the field and has also been awarded to some civilians, with the first such awards being made to two female civilians for actions during the Easter uprising in 1916.

In 1993, the Military Medal was discontinued. Since then the Military Cross has been awarded to personnel of all ranks within the British honours system. Several Commonwealth nations, such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, have established their own honours systems in the post Second World War era and now award their own gallantry decorations for acts of for bravery in the field.

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