Valentine’s Day purchases.

Valentine’s Day purchases.

We were delighted to buy 2 superb Victorian medals on Valentines Day. Both are very interesting medals.

We have an Egypt Medal with The Nile 1884-85 and Abu Klea clasps. This was a very famous battle and this medal as awarded to a young lad who had joined the army as a 14 year old and within 5 years served as a Bugler in the Commissariat and Transport Corps. He would have been in the middle of the square during the battle and would most certainly have see the whites of the eyes of the enemy. A powerful reminder of the tough, tough battles fought in Victorian times.

We paid our very generous offer immediately. We talk through the valuation and ensure the client is fully aware on how we reach our price.

Most dealers will buy using the trade books as the only source of valuations to justify their offerings without taking any special circumstances into account. This can be disingenuous and unfair and could leaver sellers short changed.

Send us photos and details on the proforma on this site OR email us at or text photos and details and cal us on 07765 595662

Thanks and best wishes to all.

These wonderful pieces of history have outlasted nearly 150 years of Valentine’s Days!!!!! That’s a lot of rotten old roses.

The medal fraternity is a wonderful example of recycling. We are custodians and medals that we buy will always find the collector who will treasure the medal and honour the recipient.

Roses sold at Valentine’s will have been grown in one of many countries in the world – produced on massive farms. Harvested, packed and then shipped, air-freighted across the world. Held at all stages in temperature controlled coldstores and packhouses.

Of course this is just not for the one day – flowers fly into the UK every day.

Once cut the flower is dying and will ultimately end up in compost withing weeks of harvesting.

A medal is a permanent testament to history.

We want to help the process of paying good money to sellers and then investing time and money in finding the right buyer.

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