January 2020 Historic Purchase

January 2020 Historic Purchase

Important Medals from a historically pre-eminent family.
Important Medals from a historically pre-eminent family.
We are privileged to have bought medals from 2 men of the Punjab.
This extraordinary man recovered the mortally wounded Brigadier John Nicholson from the battle to relieve the Siege of Delhi in the Sepoy Rebellion (Indian Mutiny) 1857.
He had been by Nickel Seyn’s side for many years and tended to him for the 8 days until the Brigadier died.
He was the father of the man who became the First Prime Minister of The Punjab.
This medal is correctly named.
It is extremely rare to see on the market and we will pay top dollar for such rare and historic items.

The medals which have been with a direct descendant are as follows:
MBE Breast Badge (missing centre), British War Medal, Victory Medal, India General Service Medal with Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 clasp, Coronation Medal 1937, Indian Recruiting Badge (GV), Commander of the Order of St John Star (neck decoration) along with 3 miniatures.
These medals have not seen the light of day for many years and have heavy patina and verdigris. As stated above the centrepiece of the MBE Breast Badge is missing.  The Visit to India Medal has edge knocks and rubbing and the suspender is slightly loose, see images. It is felt imperative that these medals stay together for the sake of history and the prominence of both individuals in shaping regional history and politics.
From a First World War recruiting role (medal top right) to being honoured with the MBE (centrepiece missing) and the Commander of the Order of St John.
It is interesting to speculate the reason for the loss or removal of the Britannia centrepiece of the MBE breast badge. Was it accidental when being played with by children, was it to sell the “jewel” in the middle or was it o remove the symbol of the British Empire?
An Indian Army Officer’s First World War Medals that have been stored in a drawer for decades.

This is an important family group that we extremely delighted to have bought.

We will pay top money for top items.

Send us images of your medals with any supporting information which will help us give you an honest and fair valuation.

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