Medal Dealers

Medal Dealers


   Welcome to Medal  

David Mattey of Medal is a respected dealer with over 30 years experience in the purchase and sale of Medals ,Decorations ,Arms and Militaria.

David who has worked from his high street premises for the last twenty years acts as buyer to city investment groups ,Advanced collectors and  the premier specialist websites.

David believes that investors are happy to pay a premium  for expertise, research and unconditionally guaranteed exhibits.

Medal buyers,com are engaged in the  purchase of Campaign Medals, Awards, Orders, Decorations , Service Medals and associated “Militaria. If you believe you have already obtained a fair offer David welcomes the opportunity of offering a confidential second opinion.

Call or e-mail today for free independent advice and valuations. please feel free to use the contact form provided. Our offers and valuations both  free of charge and confidential.

If you have by your own research, established an asking price or obtained  bids from other parties. Please include these in your communications. Medal are not in the business of haggling if we can see modest margin we will advance payment today.

Before consigning medals for sale by auction please be aware that 35%-44% of the total paid by the buyer will be lost to the auctioneer. If you have obtained suggested reserve figures from auctioneers Medalbuyers,com will pay 100% of these immediately.

Contact: David Mattey

Tel: 01903-884602  Mobile 07860747027 or e-mail:davidmatteybuyer

 Kriegsmarine Badges Prices 

At Medal sellers are offered the opportunity to achieve

established market prices, without the costly involvement of auctioneers.

Our purchases are  confidential and immediate.

The internet has demystified the valuation process.

Recorded examples of equivalent militaria can be found on line.

Medal are always happy to pay you the “Going Rate” we are not in

the business of haggling

Medal encourage you to conduct your own research.

will pay your price in full, today, for all required items.

DRK in gold valuation £2500


German cross in gold £2600 $3800


vaulted imperial iron cross first class £280/ $400 valuation

Original German helmet dealers
Original German helmet dealers
cased iron cross ww2 L11 valuation
cased iron cross ww2 L11 price £350/$480
cased awards Third Reich bought and sold
cased awards Germany bought and sold
German eagle order 4th class cased valuation

German eagle order 4th class cased price £780

Green cased 18 year customs award price
Green cased 18 year customs award valuation £325 $460
A Cased dk number 21 on pin 1
A Cased dk number 21 on pin 1
Worthing coin and gold dealers
U.K.medal, coin and gold dealers
German helmets for sale Arundel
German helmets for sale Arundel
Spanish cross in gold cased price
Spanish cross in gold cased price
Kriegs artikel
Kriegs artikel
cased 12 year service nsdap
cased 8 year service nsdap medal

Dagger dealers u.k.


Medal are engaged in the acquisition of British campaign medals, Gallantry awards and Memorial plaques. Our expertise extends to Orders and Decorations from most nations.

We buy exclusively for advanced Collectors, Museums and Investment groups. Medal issue immediate payment in advance to private sellers who wish to achieve better prices for “Militaria” and associated souvenirs.

Medal are not in the business of haggling. We pay your asking price for all required items and cover special delivery shipping costs. Sellers no longer have to witness half the value of their property lost in auctioneer’s charges.

The Sussex  Based  Medal Dealers

Open for buying Seven Days a Week Buying 24 hours a day from around the globe.

Call today for a free up to date offer .Learn why you can receive 30% more than  would be returned by selling at Auction.

Medal pay 100% auctioneers suggested reserves in full today.

Vendors are invited to a avoid the lottery of selling at auction yet receive established list prices.

Specialist auctioneers frequently make the mistake of offering medals in situations where they may be overshadowed by better examples.

By selling directly to medal buyers .com vendors receive immediate settlement.

              U.K. medal auctions were once the best option open to sellers.

                                                         Is this still the case?

                                                                          No not necessarily!

                                                                Why not?

    Because online bidders are now being charged an

      alarming 30%+V.a.t on top of the hammer price in some cases.

        This has had the effect of driving

 away many competitive investors who now prefer to buy

       discretely through concerns such as ourselves.

Call Amy on our switchboard

Call Amy on our switchboard


cased dueling pistols prices

cased pistols paying £20,000

Spanish Cross for non combatants

Spanish Cross without Swords price

British uniforms purchased

British uniforms purchased